How a brand transformed with a redesign



Doing it with Design


“If you want to change perceptions - start with design,” says Lisa Smith, Executive Creative Director at design agency Jones Knowles Ritchie. In this talk with Ellie Doty, CMO NA Burger King and Paloma Azulay, Global Chief Brand Officer at Burger King’s parent company, RBI, the two recount JKR’s recent redesign for Burger King. Having used an old logo as a starting point, JKR modernised it which resulted in a fresh new look for the fast-food chain.

According to Ellie Doty, this helped the organisation move from “a kingdom to a fandom” - bringing customers into the brand which, in turn, helped to push up the company value. “Design has a huge power to transform businesses and if you put creativity at the heart you can shift the needle,” says Smith.

Start your week with this motivational and insight-packed talk that shows the critical role played by creative design in business.


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