Eurobest is now open, there’s a new event for Members, and your free weekly sessions are here.

Here’s what’s coming up this Autumn.

Summer is already drawing to a close, meaning that we’re gearing up for a fresh new season of activity, awards, and groundbreaking creativity.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening, as well as a complementary taste of what it’s like to be a Member.

Let’s get into it.

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Eurobest is now open.

The best is back – Eurobest, that is. Part of the Cannes Lions family, it celebrates the best creative ideas from Europe – and this year, there are two brand new awards to enter.

Find out more about what’s new for Eurobest and how you can enter, below.


Get ready for LIONS Decoded.

On September 17th, Members can join us for an exclusive one-day broadcast digest, packed with behind-the-scenes stories and exclusive learnings on how the highest ranked work in the world right now was prepared.

See this year's official rankings and analysis in the 2021 Lions Creativity Report as we go behind 10 incredible pieces of winning work, brought to life by legendary Lion-winning speakers from the industry. Keep your eyes peeled, as we reveal which 10 winning ideas will be explored, and the top talent presenting them, next week.


Watch now, no strings.

Explore what it’s like to be a Member and the future of creativity, with access to some of our featured sessions, like the one below, for a limited time.

Join Steve McQueen and Amazon to explore how authentic stories are driving progress around the world.


mmtmLions_Lions learning thumbnail 169 – 8 r2.png

The Creative Leadership Course brought to you by LIONS Courses, powered by 42courses is unique, motivational and split into digestible sections allowing you to readily learn leadership techniques from global senior leaders.

Both aspiring and current leaders will take away new ways of thinking, lessons on boosting team creativity and an understanding of how to turn uncertain conditions into growth opportunities.


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