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How can a robust strategy multiply the impact of creative communication?

Our new episode of Behind The Work explores trends and insights from the Creative Strategy Lions, debuted in 2019

Last week at LIONS Live, we got an insider’s view of the secrets and stories behind some of the most phenomenally successful work of recent years. But what can we learn about how to develop robust creative strategies from last year’s Lions?

Why you should watch it

Tune in for an insight-packed 20 minutes of new solutions, best-practice and guidance with Jury President of the Creative Strategy Lion, Tracey Follows, and the Forsman & Bodenfors creative team behind last year’s Grand Prix-winning ‘The E.V.A Initiative’, Sophia Lindholm and Karl Risenfors.

We explore two core trends unearthed from our analysis of 2019’s winning work in this Lion: developing strategy from truth and building accessibility and inclusion into a core product offering.

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