Post-Purpose: Brand Accountability and Activism

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Post Purpose: Brand Accountability and Activism

A report from LIONS & FCB

An appetite for action and accountability characterises a world confronting Covid-19, systemic racism and global inequities. ‘Post-purpose’ is an era defined by a conscious move forward from the cause marketing and purpose-washing that businesses are now, rightfully, being called out for. A report from LIONS and FCB brings together valuable lessons from brands, agencies and activist organisations that have started their journeys: Don’t say, show. Don’t promise, prove. Don’t talk, act.

  • Why you need to act right now: FCB Worldwide Creative Director Fred Levron explains why now is not the time to talk big but actually play small.
  • We need to redefine the term ‘consumer’: Unilever’s EVP Global Marketing and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Aline Santos, explains why brands should work with consumers as peers to change culture.
  • Becoming a naturally activist brand: Brand Strategist Patrick Evans and Creative Director of We Are Social, Nicolas Duménil on how to build activism into the operational fabric of a business.
  • Navigating shifting consumer values: Global trend forecasting authority, WGSN, on changes to the things that matter to people and how brands can respond.
  • Tangible actions: Citi on closing the pay gap for women and US minorities and parental leave policies and We Are Pi’s pledge to stop anti-black producing casting.
  • Strategies for consistency and commitment: Marketing effectiveness authority, WARC, on pre-empting change and sketching out a clear roadmap for action.