Why we need big, bold and longer form storytelling in 2020

Creativity Moves Us Forward: Week In Review

Palau Pledge, Palau Legacy Project, Host/Havas Sydney

An end-of-week round up of useful and hopeful stories and insights from the creative community to remind ourselves of the power of creative possibility

We recently launched a new community platform to share stories and insights that, we hope, are helpful and inspiring. This is your round-up of the latest classic talks, Lion-winning work and examples of real progress from the global creative community.


Listen to a new episode of the Progress Through Creativity Podcast with R/GA’s Jess Greenwood on capitalism and kindness and the need for brands tackle opportunity with empathy


Enjoy a collection of ten Entertainment Lion-winning pieces of work as curated by Observatory CEO and 2021 Jury President, Jae Goodman


Watch actor, filmmaker and musician Will Smith as he explains how he creates work that uses universally relatable emotions focusing on People rather than Product


Earth Day | Learn how your brand can play a vital role in climate action with a collection of work including Palau Pledge and Doconomy, DO Black - the carbon limit credit card


Thinking Long Form: Lessons from the Lions | Why we need big, bold and longer form storytelling in 2020, with examples of recent Grand Prix-winning work, by Luke Southern, Managing Director at DRUM

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