The legendary moment Old Spice broke the fourth wall...
23.03.2021 22:47

Join us for a closer look at the real stories behind groundbreaking, Lion-winning work – and what truly goes into making a moment that pushes society, business, and creativity forward.

Lockdown one year on. What changed?
23.03.2021 22:42

Whether it was washing our hands more, touching our faces less, opening doors with our elbows, staying at home, or wearing a mask – the pandemic required all of us to change our behaviour.

Need help entering your work?
23.03.2021 22:36

Need advice before you enter your work into Cannes Lions? Our friendly team is here to help. Get in touch with last-minute questions if you're planning on entering at the lower rate before the end of day 25 March.

Cannes Lions объявляет о запуске LIONS Membership – членского клуба Львов
23.03.2021 22:33

23 марта организаторы МФК «Каннские Львы» объявили о создании LIONS Membership - круглогодичной онлайн-платформы, созданной для объединения глобального творческого сообщества через доступ к вдохновению, обучению, творческим ресурсам, глобальному каталогу талантов, а также как к цифровым, так и к физическим собраниям сообщества

Knock out internet speeds. Literally.
14.03.2021 23:04

With more time being spent at home, interest in DIY is growing: Marvin Ellison, chief executive of hardware store Lowe’s in the US, recently reported an uptick in sales. Here are six pieces of work from Lowe’s, one of the sector’s most-awarded brands, that show off its prowess on social.

Ever seen two women who work in a Turkish Bath fight each other with sandals, soaps and sponges? Well, you’re about to.