Why we need big, bold and longer form storytelling in 2020
27.04.2020 04:36


An end-of-week round up of useful and hopeful stories and insights from the creative community to remind ourselves of the power of creative possibility

Cannes Lions запускает Lions Live - цифровую образовательную платформу для поддержки творческого сообщества
21.04.2020 01:59

Каннские львы пройдут в соответствии с графиком 22-26 июня в Каннах,

 20 апреля 2020 года - Cannes Lions представляет Lions Live, цифровое образование, вдохновение и сетевое взаимодействие, которое будет проходить в течение июня в рамках темы «Вопросы творчества». Главная активность на платформе намечена на время первоначальных дат фестиваля, 22-26 июня.

Daily Inspiration | Airbnb: Six of the best
17.04.2020 21:37

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has temporarily pulled the brand’s $800 million marketing budget until the COVID-19 pandemic ends and bookings bounce back. A regular winner of Lions at Cannes, here are six stand-out campaigns from the peer-to-peer accommodation rental site..

Daily Inspiration | Championing chocolate
13.04.2020 23:01

The global chocolate market is worth $103.28bn, according to Zion Market Research. By 2024, that figure will be $161.56bn, largely thanks to growing consumption in Asia Pacific. Hot on the heels of Easter are six stand-out campaigns from chocolate brands.

Daily Inspiration | Tackling gender violence
09.04.2020 03:46

One in four women and one in nine men in the US experience severe intimate partner physical violence, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sadly, those rates are predicted to rise while much of the world is in lock-down. Here are seven campaigns that have aimed to confront gender violence.