24 сентября – первый дедлайн приема заявок на Eurobest 2020
23.09.2020 23:38

Eurobest Awards - это эталон креативных и эффективных брендовых коммуникаций в Европе.

Virtual Roadshows with our team of Awards Experts
21.09.2020 22:45

On Wednesday, 7 October at 12:00 CET (11:00 BST) the Eurobest Awards Experts will host a 45-minute online session, with time for Q&A, including an analysis of recent award-winning work, information on new categories and updates for 2020 and advice from previous jurors on how to craft your entry so that it stands out in the Jury Room.

LIONS Live returns | Creativity Inside out
20.09.2020 23:40

 mmtmLions_Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 15.54.21.png

What will the creative approach look like post-Covid-19? How did you find your voice as a young creative? Can some activism set causes back, rather than bring progress?

Как победить на международных фестивалях креатива.
16.09.2020 22:21

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Уважаемые коллеги, Мы рады сообщить Вам о начале подготовки международного онлайн-турне Rep and Cannes Lions, посвященного запуску МФК Cannes Lions Awards 2021 в октябре, а также старту приема заявок на Eurobest 2020.

Daily Inspiration | President’s Playlist: Direct Lions
16.09.2020 22:15

With more time being spent at home, interest in DIY is growing: Marvin Ellison, chief executive of hardware store Lowe’s in the US, recently reported an uptick in sales. Here are six pieces of work from Lowe’s, one of the sector’s most-awarded brands, that show off its prowess on social.

Reed Collins, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy, Asia and 2021 Jury President, shares his favourite targeted and response-driven creativity.